Green Clean - Silky Wipe 25 x 25 cm / washable

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The GREEN CLEAN – Silky Wipe cleaning cloth is a silk derivative cloth that is effective for safely cleaning TFT LCD LED & plasma panel TV’s, monitors, mobile display, tablet pc`s and other electronic devices. These special cloth is also effective for cleaning lenses, optics & glasses.

Silky Wipe is made from a particularly flat, tightly spun silk derivative and contains no chemical binding materials or bleach. To be used dry or with liquid. The quality of the cloth is therefore very soft, yet has the slow absorption qualities necessary to make this particular cleaning process so effective.


  • washable at 30°
  • extremely good polishing quality
  • individual sealed
  • 25 x 25 cm / 9,84 x 9,84 inch
  • no microfibre