Phottix Nuada S3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set

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Phottix Nuada S3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set

• Softlight design for 40W of flattering light
• Excellent color – CRI rating of 96+/TLCI 98+
• Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO3) via 2.4G remote control with 3 groups and 40 channels
• Wide range color temperature 2500K-8500K
• Digital brightness and temperature control panel
• AC adapter and NP batteries operation (not included battery)
• Compact size – 25mm thick

Take your photo or video project to the next level with the Phottix Nuada S3 II LED Light. Super easy-to-use, the Nuada S3 II makes lighting effortless. Soft, beautiful light – for photographers new to lighting as well as professionals needing a powerful and portable light source.

The Phottix Nuada S3 II is a large circular soft light build-in Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO3) with 144 warm color and 144 cool color LED bulbs provides the wide range color temperature 2500K-8500K, shining bright 40W full power output, mounted on the edge of the light body frame.

Features: Dimmable color temperature and brightness with the two parameters can be adjusted from the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO3) easy to setup the lighting only via one 2.4G wireless remote control and S3 II control panel within A/B/C groups and 40 channels.

The Phottix Nuada S3 II is perfect for entrepreneurs that need to create better video and photographic content for their business. Product photographs, videos, livestreams – the Nuada S3 II is the perfect partner for your creative project.

The controls allow for power and color temperature adjustment and features an easy to read LED screen. The Phottix Nuada S3 II includes an AC Adapter. Take the Nuada S3 II on-location and use Sony-compatible NP Batteries (not included).

What’s Included:
• Nuada S3 II LED Panel x 2
• Remote control ECO3
• AC Adapter x 2
• UK plug x 2
• US plug x 2
• EU plug x 2
• SAA plug x 2
• F-180 Light Stand x 2
• Mounting bracket x 2
• Carrying Bag
• User manual

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