Avaliable now!!! FUNLEADER CAPLENS 18mm F8.0/0.45m-∞ for M-mount

  • $1,199.00
    單價 每 

  • Focus Distance: Featuring the focusing dial (120°) to control depth of field, we shortened the minimum focal distance from 2.62ft (0.8m) to 1.48ft (0.45m), which helps to capture details with closer focusing distance.
  • Full-frame Lens: It is designed for street and landscape photography and is fit for full-frame mirrorless cameras. It offers excellent performance, yet is fantastic to handle and quite affordable.
  • Slim Shape: It doesn't include any electronic components, so that it's only 0.55in (14mm) thick and weighs only 40g. The lens barrel is entirely made of aluminum, which makes the lens solid and durable. The one-piece structure highlights its slim shape and excellent quality.
  • Hyperfocal Distance: It features a depth of field from 1.48ft (0.45 m) to infinity. Therefore, there is no need to focus, and you can get images with all the details.
  • Ultra-wide Angle Lens: The 18mm powerful ultra-wide-angle lens gets everything in the picture with full details and high contrast. When shooting landscapes, architecture, or interiors, Funleader CAPLENS 18mm F8.0 enables you to capture all the details without cropping.